2019 Loan Limits for Southern California

2019 Loan Limits Southern California

The 2019 Loan Limits for Southern California are now in effect.

Conventional, FHA and VA loans all now new higher conforming and high balance loan limits for 2019.

Let’s start by looking at the 2019 Loan Limits for conforming loans

These limits apply to all conventional and FHA loans in all counties throughout the U.S.

1 unit2 Units3 Units4 Units

VA also raised it’s loan limits, however, there is not adjustment based on the number of units in a property. The 2019 loan limit for conforming VA loans is $484,350

Areas that are considered to be High Cost have higher limits for 2019

Here are the conventional and FHA High Balance 2019 Loan Limits in Southern California Counties

County1 Unit2 Units3 Units4 units
San Diego$690,000$883,300$1,067,750$1,326,950
Los Angeles $726,525 $930,000 $1,124,475 $1,397,400

Riverside, San Bernardino and Imperial counties are limited to the conforming loan limits.

VA high balance loans follow the 1 unit limit regardless of how many units are in the property

What could the higher loan limits mean to you?

The higher 2019 loan limits could allow you to purchase a higher priced home with more financing options. If you already own a home, you might also be able to combine a 1st and 2nd mortgage without going into the Jumbo or non conforming loan programs.

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