Attention All Newbies! Want to Get More Comments on your Posts?

This is a great post filled with VERY helpful information not only for newbies but for those trying to get back in the blogging groove.

I have often heard new members ask the question, “How do I get more comments on my posts?” I remember my humble beginning in the Rain two years ago, and I want to share with all our Newbies, or anyone else who wants to get more comments, and eventually more subscribers to your blog.

Join more Groups in the Rain, and post your blog into 5 groups every time you release it. So, what groups do you join? Well, for starters I will recommend a few to get you going.
1. New Active Rain Blogger, Seeking Comments on Blogs.
2. Active Rain Newbies
3. Introducing Newbies in Active Rain        
4. Banana Tude
5. Sensei Grasshopper
6. Addicted to Active Rain
7. Active Rain Contests
8. Posts to Localism
9. HyperLocal Neighborhood and Community Posts.
10. The Lounge at Active Rain

Leaving Comments on PostsNext, You want to read and to comment more than the 10 per day allowed for your 25 points. I suggest at least 20 or more for all new members. Whenever someone does comment on your posts, you want to respond to their comments as soon as you can. I know that we all may get busy, but I remember staying up late nights just to complete some of my commenting when I first started. The more you comment on others’ posts, the more comments you can expect to get back. One great example is my friend, John McCormack in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You will see John commenting all over the place. Then, go and check out his posts, and see how many are commenting on his blog.

Finally, seek out some of the most Active Bloggers in the Rain, and subscribe to their blogs. You will learn a ton of information, since everyday there is something new to learn in this business. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call one of our Ambassadors, or send one of us an email. We may not have all the answers, but we are more than willing to share things that we do know, and point you to others, who may be able to help.  

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