Dear Annoying Neighbor… 7 funny notes

Dear Annoying Neighbor….

OK, so maybe that is not the best way to start a note to your neighbor. But how does one politely ask an annoying neighbor to stop doing that super annoying thing that he/she doing that is driving you crazy?

 I thought, humor!   That’s the advice I gave a friend on dealing with the neighbors that let their dogs go potty on her lawn

Of course, I immediately hit Google to come up with some ideas.

I don’t know if these letters made things better for the people who wrote them, butt they made me smile…. which means I’m a little less annoyed which I guess means they worked for me!

annoying-neighbors-fighting-coupleannoying-neighbors-loud-music annoying-neighbors-dog poopannoying-neighbors-marijuana annoying-neighbors-mooch annoying-neighbors-sexy time 2 annoying-neighbors-sexy time annoying-neighbors-smokers

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