Google Rankings will change April 21st

You read that right.  Google rankings will change April 21st for mobile search results.Google 2015

The idea behind it is that more and more people are using their mobile devices instead of computers to navigate the web and therefore sites should be mobile friendly if they expect to rank in Google rankings.

I have a vague grasp of all that affects SEO and Google search rankings but I get the feeling  that it’s more of a guess than a science.  This is the reason why I have never been tempted to hire an SEO “expert” to optimize my sites.  Who knows, I might be leaving money on the table by not figuring out a way to attract more visitors, but at least I haven’t thrown away money for a service that doesn’t work.   Just my opinion.

Anyway…. more information about why google rankings will change April 21st can be found all over, but I find that going straight to the source is probably more reliable.

You can see the Blog post on the Google Webmaster Central Blog HERE.

There you will find a few helpful links to additional information like:

I hope you find these tools helpful. Be sure to leave a comment if you figure out what it all means!


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