How do you find a great Realtor?

So you have been waiting on the fence for the perfect time to buy.  You look around and it appears that prices are not going to get much better and rates certainly are on the rise, so you decide to take the plunge and dive into the real estate market.

Now what?Confused Laura Borja San Diego Mortgage



First, find out not just how much you can qualify for, but how much you can actually afford to pay and how much home that will get you.

You would be surprised how many of my first conversations include a reality check on what a total housing payment will be on that “dream” home you have been eying on the internet. 

laura borja san diego mortgageYour income might qualify you for a $2500 housing payment, but is that what you budgeted for or where you planning on $2000/month?  This is a key factor to nail down before you get serious about your search.  No point in falling in love with a home that you can’t qualify or are not willing to give up all luxuries and live on ramen for.

Your Realtor will also appreciate this first move.  She will not waste her time or yours sending you links to properties that are not in your price point.  She will appreciate not using up a $100 tank of gas driving you around just to find out that none of those homes will fit your budget.

So now you know how much you want to pay and how much you can qualify for and are ready to begin your search.  Where do you start? By being referred!  Yes, you can ask your neighbor or your brother, or your co-worker and all would give you their best recommendation.  Or, you can ask me! 

laura borja san diego mortgageAs an affiliate member for the San Diego Association of Realtors and an experienced mortgage consultant helping thousands of families over my 20 year career, I work with dozens of realtors every year.  I can tell you who is laid back, who is a type “A” x 1000, who will be super sweet but will take days to call back, who will be pushy, who will be nurturing, who will be all business, who will become your best friend. 

Let me put you in touch with the perfect match.  We will work as a team to ensure you find the perfect home financed using the correct loan for your situation and that you are fully supported through out the process.

I look forward to becoming your Mortgage Consultant for life- Contact me for a FREE consultation today!




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