July Existing Home Sales for Del Mar CA 92014

The July 2011 home sales in Del Mar CA 92014 have just been released.

According to the figures published by SDAR*, there were a total of 15 sold homes in the 92014 zip code during July 2011, that is 10 more sales than July 2010.

The reported Medial Price for homes sold July 2011 in Del Mar CA was $1,725,000.  That is an increase of $695,000 from the July 2010 median price of $1,030,000.

Despite the fact that the average number of days on the market for homes being sold in July in Del Mar CA 92014 increased from 50 in 2010 to 94 in 2011, the year to date average a home was on the market in Del Mar dropped from 106 to 104 days.

Year to date, the number of sold listing is Del Mar CA 92014 is reported to be 94. In 2010, the total ytd during the same period was reported as 53.

Del Mar CA home sales were above average of the reported figures for San Diego county.

Jumbo loan financing to accommodate the average sales prices reported for home in Del Mar CA are available with as little as 10% down.

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**Data obtained from figures published by SDAR at http://www.sdar.com/media/CurrentStats.pdf



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