You might not be allowed to vote!

Register to Vote 2016

You might not be allowed to vote!

What? Not allowed to vote?Not allowed to vote
That’s right, if you moved or changed your name you must re-register to be allowed to vote.

The deadline in California to register and be allowed to vote is Monday October 24th!

Being allowed to vote should not be taken for granted.  Remember that it has been less than 100 years since the 19th amendment passed and women were finally allowed to vote.

This is not an endorsement of any party or candidate, but rather an endorsement of us exercising a right that is a privilege that has not always been available to all of us.


So, how do you re-register or register to vote for the first time?Register to Vote 2016

In San Diego County, it’s easy!

If you are not sure that your voter registrations is current – you can check your registration status HERE.

If you need to register or update your registration, you can do so by
Register Online.
Voter registration applications are available at the County Registrar of Voters office, DMV, any library branch or any US Post Office. You can hand deliver your application to the Registrars officer by October 24th. The application can also be mailed but must be postmarked no later than October 24th.

You must use one of the methods above if you want to be allowed to vote in the upcoming election.

You may not be thrilled by the options available for the next US President, but that  is NOT the only issue that you must vote on.

You can check out a sample ballot here.

Don’t protest the lack of choices for US president by giving up your right to vote.

Voting is your right and your obligation!

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