Economic impact payments

Economic Impact Payments fall short for many

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The Economic Impact Payments are eagerly awaited by many of us in the US. However, the way the policy is written, the payments will leave many out in the cold, or at least a bit chilly. But first, please note that I am NOT a tax expert and you should consult a tax professional or […]

empty mortgage payment assistance

Is the offer of mortgage payment assistance an empty gesture by the banks?

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The offer of mortgage payment assistance was received with great enthusiasm as the financial impact of COVID-19 continues to grow. The idea of losing your home, ruining your credit or even incurring a late fee is something most Americans would like to avoid. But is it really what you think it is? Did the banks […]

FHA issues COVID19 guideline changes

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FHA issues COVID19 guideline changes in the latest Mortgage Letter in an effort to assist the mortgage industry in continuing operations. FHA is the latest agency to adjust its appraisal and employment verification guidelines as the chaos from the the COVID19 pandemic continues. With many states, such as California, issuing shelter in place orders, conducting […]