Volume of existing home sales in San Diego fell off in November 2013

Total volume in existing home sales in San Diego fell off in November 2013 compared to last month and but year to date figures continue to be strong.

SDAR published the Comparative Sales figures for Existing Homes in San Diego County for November 2013.

Though the total sales volume for both Attached and Detached homes sold in San Diego for November 2013 declined as compared to last month, detached homes saw a small increase over last year while attached homes saw a very small  decrease of  only $623,456.

Despite the small reduction in volume, Median Sales prices continue to hold and even increase through most areas of San Diego County.

The Carmel Valley area of San Diego (92130) saw similar results as the overall figures for the county.  Detached homes had a decrease of 4 less sales for November 2013 as compared to November 2013 and 12 less as compared to October 2013.

Attached homes saw an increased of 7 more sales November 2013 as compared to November 2013 and 2 less as compared to October 2013

Prop Type Units sold Nov 2013 Units sold Nov 2012 Total Units sold Oct 2013
Attached 19 12 22
Detached 26 30 38

 The median price of Detached Homes sold in Carmel Valley (92130) increased by $197,500 in November 2013 as compared to November 2012 and $75,000 as compared to October 2013.



Median Price

YTD 2013

Median Price

Nov 2013

Median Price

Nov 2012

Median Price

Oct 2013

Attached $440,000 $459,000 $419,900 $461,500
Detached $1,005,000 $1,057,500 $860,000 $982,500


The number of days on the market decreased November 2013 as compared to 2012 for detached but increased from 41 days on the market October 2013 to 56 November 2013.  Attached homes saw a decrease to 36 days on the market for November 2013 as compared to 56 November 2012 and 40 October 2013. 


Could this be a result of rising rates or perhaps a seasonal adjustment?  Stay tuned for December 2013 figures coming early January 2014.


San Diego Home Sales November 2013

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