Why refinance?

Why Refinance?

The primary reason someone refinances is to save you money.Save Money

The goal is get the best payment, with the best possible rate at the lowest possible cost.

How does your current loan compare to others available in today’s market?

Here are some reasons you might consider a refinance:

– If you have a fixed rate loan and can refinance with little or no cost with a similar
term loan at a lower rate. Take the time to figure out how many months it will take for you to recover the costs of  refinancing and determine if it is worth while

– You have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, which is about to increase and you are
not pleased with the current fixed  mortgage rate

– You have an ARM and you want the stability and certainty of a fixed rate loan. Keep in mind that in some instances, a refinance might increase your payment if the fixed rate is higher than the ARM loan you current have.

– You have a “balloon loan” that needs to be refinanced. Be sure to give yourself enough time to have your refinance processed and closed prior to the due date on the balloon payment.

– You need a “cash out” refinance. Accessing the equity in your home can be a cost effective way to finance home improvement, college tuition or other large expenses.

CaRinging Phonell me at 619-992-4061 and we can review your current situation.
Don’t wait, now is the time to consider refinancing while rates are down.


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