Memorial Day, do you remember what it really means?

Memorial Day- do you remember what it is really all about?

Spent a glorious Memorial day hacking up Torrey Pines South with my friend Carol. ImageWeather was perfect (about 1000 times better than my game) AND I paid less than a third than the two people in town from St Louis did for their green fee. Hope everyone had a wonderful day doing what you enjoy.

I also hope you took a second to thank all the men and women who have literally given up life and limb , all the families who have to go on without their loved ones, all those who have come back seemingly whole but who have done and seen more thanany of us could imagine, all those who have done the things most of us would not be willing to do in… all in the name of freedom. 

All that sacrifice is so we can have a day off work, so we can enjoy a day on the golf course, so we fire up the grill and spend time with friends, so we can spend time by the pool, so we can do absolutely nothing.

Remember, Memorial day is about remembering that freedom isn’t truly free and is not a given right.Image

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