Success Story: San Diego VA Home Loans and blogging


 Success Story: San Diego VA Loans and Blogging

About a week ago I wrote a blog titled “Why Do We Stop Blogging” and posted on ActiveRain.

Traffic to my “Why Do We Stop Blogging” post was insane! So much more than I could have imagined when I wrote the post.

To date, the blog post has had 1693 views and 1242 clicks- best result of any blog I have ever written. But what I was most impressed with were the 76 comments from other members. The comments were filled with a wealth of support, encouragement and just as importantly, great advise.

Some of my previous blogs had a resurgence of traffic and my Facebook Page also got a boost from the posts with an increase in “LIKES” which of course means additional exposure for me.Changes to FHA Mortgage Insurance 2013

FHA Refinances no appraisal

Home for sale in Point Loma

The inspiration for that post came as I thought about the recent call I had received from a local San Diego Real Estate Agent who focuses more on property management than retail real estate. He had a new client who wanted to use his VA eligibility to get a VA home loan. So what is an agent to do who doesn’t have a go to lender? Google search of course!

He apparently typed in “VA home loans San Diego” and there I was on the first page of the results!! San Diego VA home loansNow, I was definitely NOT at the top of the page, actually I was the last listing on the page….I’m actually still there and I’m hoping that this posts moves me up a notch or two. So why me? Because I answered the phone! He said he called anyone that came up with a person’s name as opposed to just general company info, I was his 3rd call and I was the first that actually answered the phone. Another great lesson for all of us looking to increase our business and maintain great service levels

The call from that agent was a nice little shove to remind me that blogging and social media does work. Despite the fact that we all love instant gratification I had to remember that blogging about VA Loans, FHA Loans, the San Diego Real Estate market or any other topic you decide to cover will probably not yield instant results. It’s all about time investment.

So what happened with that call that inspired my last blog? I’m thrilled to say that our new client is now in escrow purchasing a property in Oceanside CA and using his VA eligibility to obtain a VA Home Loan!

I’m excited to know that future blogs about VA Loans in San Diego or direct posts onto Facebook about VA Loans will be seen by even more people. Even those not looking for VA home loans- why? Credibility!

My esthetician and her husband are in escrow on a new home and using the loan officer that their agent recommended. Apparently things are a bit bumpy and though it’s a bit too late in the game to change lenders and make the closing date, she decided to mention me to her agent. He Googled me and based on the results, asked that I contact him!

Double success- a new VA transaction and a new possible referral relationship.

So don’t give up… keep on typing and posting.



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