Why do we stop blogging?

Why do we stop blogging?

I became an ActiveRain member January 2011. I hit the ground running, trying to learn all there was to know about blogging and posting as much as possible.  

I had been told that it was the thing to do if I wanted to increase my web presence and I had no reason to doubt their instructions.  So I posted, and I commented and I logged in and watched the AR points accumulate.


What I didn’t seem to see were any actual results. Where were all the emails and calls? Had people simply What happened?stopped looking for information about home loans? Was no one doing Google searches about FHA loans or VA mortgages or the local San Diego real estate market? Or was I doing it wrong?

Now, I must admit, if I Googled some of the topics I covered in my posts, there I was… so what was the deal?  



My enthusiasm for blogging began to fade and before you knew it, I wasn’t blogging at all.


Then, something miraculous happened- I started getting calls from people saying they had done a Google Ringing Phonesearch and found me!  Now, I’m not saying that I’m using up all my minutes taking these calls, but I was thrilled that all my efforts had finally produced results.


So what is the deal then? Should I have expected to blog over and over for a year+ before getting anything? Did I accidentally become more efficient and effective in the posts?  Wish I knew so I could recreate the results.

Browsing through the list of people who rank higher in point standings in my area, I discovered that many of them have been dormant with their blogging for a while.  Some haven’t posted as far back as 2009 and some have very few posts.  Hmm… so how do they still have more points than me?  And does it really matter? Should I care that I’m not ranked in the top ten of members in the San Diego area? Will my posts get less juice on Google if I’m #115 instead of #5? Does anyone know the answer?

Despite my questions and doubts, I decided that I would re-dedicate myself to blogging and utilizing social media on a regular basis to boost my business.

Following the suggestions in posts by other members, I am going to be diligent in tracking results.  I’m going to utilize all the tools available to us on ActiveRain University and maximize the results for the time I’m investing.

So.. here I go… wish me luck!

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