How to qualify for a bigger home using down payment assistance.

How to qualify for a bigger home using first time homebuyer down payment assistance.

Buy your first home


You have been dreaming of buying a home for what seems like forever.

You found the perfect home.

It has the right number of bedrooms, the right size yard and it’s in your dream neighborhood.

You are ready to sign on the dotted line!


But then…..


Is buying a home out of your reach?



It looks like that perfect home is going to be out of your reach.

The payments are too high and you don’t have enough money for a bigger down payment to make the home more affordable



So how do you go from this

Buying a house is not impossible

To This?Got loan approval

The answer to that is this!

Use Down Payment Assistance

That’s right, Down Payment Assistance!

Down Payment Assistance is a perfect way for you to make homeownership more affordable.

How does it work?

Depending on the program you are eligible for, you could receive:

  • A deferred loan with mo monthly payments required.
  • A grant to help you cover closing costs
  • A tax credit to enhance the tax benefits of homeownership.

Let’s take a look at an example

Example: (interest rates and sales prices are for illustration purposes only. They do not necessarily reflect available rates or prices)
Applicant can only qualify for a total payment of $2000 based on his/her qualifying income and other debts

Example of DPA Benefits

Each program has it’s own guidelines and requirements. It is best that you speak to someone regarding your situation so you can determine what down payment assistance programs might be a good fit for you and your family.

For more information- Text DPAINFO to 44222 or request a free consultation by completing the form below

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