Sometimes this job really sucks…or does it?

“Sometimes this job really sucks!”

Who hasn’t every thought that before?  If your answer is “Not Me”, then I have one word for you…. LIAR!

This week was just one of those weeks.cry baby

My Outlook decided to only work part time so I had no idea what emails had gone out and which were not being delivered.

My contacts evaporated into a black hole when the email server was moved.  But don’t worry, I had so much fun going through 1800 contacts moving fields around when the info was jumbled after they were restored.

My cable box reset itself so all the shows I had been saving for the last two weeks were deleted.this is giving me a headache

The client who asked for a last minute appointment because he said that this evening was the ONLY time he could meet ended up sending a “sorry, can’t make it” text 5 minutes before the appointment. That after I canceled long standing plans with friends to accommodate him,

And of course…. Tax Day was this week. I could go on and on but that would just make me sound like I’m whining 

So as I sat at home, feeling sorry for myself, watching a rerun of some random cop show, it came to me… yes, this job does sometimes really suck but it could be worse!

….sure, sometimes the phone calls we get mean that we are going to be cleaning up some “shtuff”, but at least you’re not the guy who cleans up port-a-potties.  He ALWAYS has to clean up “shtuff”.

……yes, some calls bring bad news and maybe it means that a deal has just died. Better than being a homicide detective.  His calls are almost always about bad news and it his job always involves REAL death.

….yes, some clients are difficult but at least you are not some poor personal assistant following some celebrity around who makes ridiculous demands like making you pick out all the yellow M&M’s and skittles out of her candy dish

…. oh wait, I think I may have done that for a client who only liked the red ones  🙂

 So you see, being in this business has its good and Smile, it's going to be OKits bad sides.  So when you start to wonder why you didn’t look for another career, remember…  You get to help families find (or finance) the house that will become their home… not a bad gig after all.



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